Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DC for Katie's BD

Last night I surprised katie with a little trip to Univ. of Maryland to see Dane Cook perform. he did some material from retaliation, some stuff from his SNL monologue, but a lot of new stuff as well. cole stadium was packed, the show nearly sold out, and needless to say, he killed. anyway, as soon as the show ended, we tried to sneak backstage to see him, but we were told to leave since we didn't have passes and we were told that the police would have to escort us out if we didn't leave immediately. i stalled for as long as possible (3, maybe 4 minutes) and then, like an angel sent from heaven, dane's tour manager found us and fought security off for us. he told katie, me, and 2 other people who wanted to meet dane to follow him. he led us backstage and told us to wait in a private hallway. behind the door at the end of the hallway we could hear dane talking to some friends. after a few minutes, robert kelly (tough crowd, tourgasm), who opened the show, came out and told us, "sorry guys, no more." knowing that he was trying to dick us around, we didn't really give the reaction he wanted, so he just let out a, "i'm just fucking with you guys!" to which we uncomfortably laughed at. finally, after another minute or two, it was time for us to go in the room. it was very surreal walking in with katie and 2 other people into a tiny room with only dane cook and a few members of his posse. we chit chatted for a little bit- katie asked about SNL, i asked about his 20 minute conversation with steve martin, katie told him that this was her birthday surprise, and he asked, "i'm your birthday present?" very humbly and wished her a happy 21st. we got him to sign harmful if swallowed and an EW article about him and we got a picture with him- and even though katie had been practicing the SuFi (the hand signal that identifies DC fans) the whole night in anticipation of a possible meeting, she cracked under pressure. well, close enough. when the other fan asked for a pic, he got in his pose and then put up rabbit ears behind dane. as soon as he did, dane jumped out of the pose and said something to the effect of, "ohhhhh no, i don't fuck with rabbit ears! don't do that shit on me!" it was a milli-second of awkwardness, but we all recovered. and we learned a valuable fact about dane cook. the guy doesn't like rabbit ears. then katie told him that i've been a fan since way before ANYBODY at my school was on the dane train, and i told him that when i wanted to book him at MWC (freshman year), nobody had heard of him and nobody was interested when i tried to sell him (that's when we could've actually afforded him). now everybody loves him, but we can't afford him. he told me that it has less to do with cost and more to do with actual venue size, but the sad truth of the matter is- even if we booked him for the $100,000 or $150,000 that he costs right now, we still couldn't sellout Dodd. anyway, the whole experience was extremely exciting and katie and I were both so pleased that he was so humble and gracious and down to earth. as we were leaving, he actually thanked us for sticking with him so long and told us, "it'll only get better from here." in an unrelated note, as we were driving home on I-95 we saw a shooting star.

special thanks to kate feldmann for getting us student tickets (50% cheaper) and letting us borrow some student IDs to get in. katie was asian and i was black. oh, what a night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm jeleous. yalls enounter was tighter than mine. when i met him, so did 5 thousand other fartknockers. it wasn't special. -rizzzzzzz

9:31 PM, December 14, 2005


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