Monday, December 19, 2005

Links for Kinks

As most of you know, a couple of months ago I started a new series where I highlight a new sexual fetish each week in my AIM profile. Now that I’ve moved this series over to my blog, I'll be able to supplement each week's entry with some pictures and go into a little more detail about each fetish. LFK is part of my long-term effort to move mainstream America away from its current state of fear and narrow-mindedness and closer to a safer way of thinking that values tolerance, respect, and above all- understanding.

For a better understanding of what LFK is all about, I would strongly recommend reading sex therapist Dr. Susan Block’s essay on fear and sex. Reading and understanding this article is just about as important as keeping up with Links for Kinks.

Remember, LFK is made possible by the support of viewers like you (yes, I’m getting all PBS on your ass). So please send all fetishes (your own, ones you think are particularly funny, ones you’ve just "stumbled across," etc.) to AIM: jesusdiesfriday or email:

That being said, the new and improved series of Links for Kinks will premiere Wednesday. So stay tuned.


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