Friday, December 09, 2005

Paulson on!

If you've checked my AIM, myspace, or facebook profiles in the past year- you know that I've become more and more obsessed with Paulson.
It all started when my old band played with them in January 2005. Later in the year, I got to know the guys better and discovered that they're not only smart musicians, but the friendliest band to ever play a place like KC's God-Forsaken Music Alley.

So now I've become their most loyal propagandist- spreading the Good Word of paulson whenever and wherever I can. In February I'm bringing them to Mary Washington, with the help of Giant Productions.

You can imagine my excitement, then, when I headed over to SPIN Magazine's website today and saw Paulson on the front page as the featured band of the day!!! This is obviously just one of many first steps in a long process of national recognition. So head over to Spin and check out the feature.
If you want to check out All at Once for yourself, you can listen to it for free at Paulson's official page:, or contact me to find out how you can get your very own free copy, courtesy of me.

And you know what long-time-Paulson-fan Katie says:
"You like this Paulson shirt, you say? Wanna buy it yourself, you say? Well tough soy nuggets, I made it myself."
And to put words in her mouth, she also says: "If you don't at least check out Paulson's myspace page, then i probably won't ever like you."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello pat, its logan (paulson). you're my favorite maniac. and katie should know that yellow is my favorite color.

6:07 PM, December 09, 2005

Blogger the great waldo pepper said...

as katie read this her response was, "awww." shock and awww, really. because we both had no clue about this whole favorite color revelation. she also says, next time you're in town she'll get you a yellow gem that you can add to your collection.

8:17 PM, December 09, 2005


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