Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hate to get all political on you...

If you didn't see the report on ABC News by Chief Investigative reporter Brian Ross on the corruption among the U.S. Supreme Court justices two nights ago, you missed out. A hidden camera was taken to a Ritz Carlton and video taped Antonin Scalia enjoying cocktails, fly fishing and tennis while John Roberts was being sworn in the same day in D.C. He was the main guest at a conference for the Federalist Society, a super conservative organization of lawyers and "policy makers."

So, isn't Scalia a little worried about the appearance of something unethical? Probably not. He's the staunchest conservative on the bench and doesn't take shit from anyone. If Dick Cheyney was a justice, he would be Scalia. And I'd like to say it's just Scalia, but the token push over on the bench, Clarence Thomas, is also at fault according to documents found by ABC.

There was a funny bit in the report about Thomas' love of NASCAR and how he was given an $800 leather jacket, a Bible once held by famed orator Frederick Douglas worth $19,000 (wtf!) and other things.

You should check out the report in full.

I'd like to say "I knew it, all government is corrupt, blah blah," but for some reason I never expected this. Figure it out for yourself!


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