Monday, January 02, 2006

I guess the Lord must be in New York City

Tomorrow morning Katie and I leave for a week-long vacation in NYC. So I'm gonna hit you up with some LFK a little early this week, just don't expect it to be updated again until the 11th or so.

In case you're interested in tracking our trip, you can see us:

-on TRL! (we'll be there Thursday, but it may not air 'till Friday, so tune in both days if you want to be sure to spot us- we'll be playing the part of "hyperventilating adolescents" (unless the guy from Laguna Beach is really our only "celebrity guest," then I will be playing the part of "dissapointed TRL fan who doesn't recognize this "celebrity." in this case- please note my face comedy)
-at CONAN!!! (we'll be at the Friday show, Jan. 6th, with Nathan Lane and Sarah Chalke, so keep an eye out for us, although they rarely show the audience)
-at The Colbert Report!!!!! (we'll be at the Monday, Jan. 9th taping, but they NEVER show the audience, so only expect to hear our laughter)
-at ASSSCAT!!!!! (this will not be televised, of course, but I just wanted to brag that we'll be going to ASSSCAT again)


if you happen to live in the city, or you'll be there these days, you should come:
-see my stand up debut (open mic- only 5 minutes) at the Comedy Cellar on Wednesday, Jan. 4th
-see Katie and I perform "The Pat Robertson Hour" (a 5 minute skit we wrote) at the UCB theatre, on Friday, Jan. 6th, as part of their Liquid Courage show.


Blogger Adam Joseph said...

Seeing this just made the biggest smile come across my face. I have always been such a huge fan of all the comedy that has come from NYC and going there to experience it and be a part of it will be wonderful for the both of you. The UCB crew has done such great things beyond the amazing television show. If it were not for NYC we would not have had The State and now Reno911 and Stella. Good stuff. Anyway have fun. Don't get broke. It has a tendency to happen up there. Ask me how I know.

3:05 PM, January 02, 2006

Anonymous sara (in italia) said...

oh my jeez patrick. and katie. i'm SO JEALOUS of you guys for all of this, and i hope you are also planning on extending your trl visits to all the major cities of the world in which various versions are found. two down! i want to know how the staging area size compares to roma. i told you i'd comment and you wouldn't know when, and this truly is the time. i am in love with your co-op blog. send all the mtv gang my love and affection and make it home safe and sound so i can see you back in fred! <3

7:02 PM, January 02, 2006


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