Saturday, January 21, 2006

LFK - Amputeelove

I thought I'd add another LFK. I heard about this one from my boss while discussing clown porn. She told me there exists a large group of fetishists getting hot on amputees. Here's a little wikipedia lesson on the amputee fetish full of interesting technical terms and jargon:

Amputee Fetishism is a fetish focused on amputations, generally of limbs. An Internet virtual community exists, with its own special terminology.
Two subtypes of this fetish are generally recognized. Acrotomophilia is an intense desire for one's partner to be an amputee. Acrotomophiles are also known as "devotees." Apotemnophilia is an intense desire to be an amputee. Aptemnophiles are also known as "wannabes." With each, the presence or absence of artificial limbs as an added stimulant is a personal matter for the fetishist.
Amputation fetishism is a paraphilia, a focus on a specific body part or inanimate object. it is technically a form of Teratophilia, sexual attraction to a "deformed or monstrous person".
A "pretender" is a "wannabe" who acts out aptemnophilic fantasies, sometimes in public, usually through limb-binding and the use of loose clothing.

The amputee sites that I found contain a wealth of information devoted to the sexy and stumped. Many of the photos aren't always concerned with nudity, with the amputee clothed displaying his or her "hot, naked stump" (a quote from an amputee site I found). There are many sub-fetishes associated with amputeelove and here are some informative websites:

Stumpophilia - this is a good place to find naked amputees
Ampulove - sort of a forum for amputees and friends
Disablo - disability movies
Castlove - this is a pretty interesting one for people who get off on the injured and casted


Blogger the great waldo pepper said...

wow, these links are really popping out of you- which reminds me, we need to do a LFK special on ping pong balls. anyway, love the "i heard about this one from my boss" line! classic!

12:59 PM, January 23, 2006


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