Thursday, February 23, 2006


Sat.-Wed. I was in Boston for the 2006 NACA (National Association of College Activities) conference, a huge convention with comedians, musicians, magicians, speakers, you name it- all vying for one thing- to get booked to come to your college. The experience provided me with some incredible oppurtunities, one of which was to meet Jeff Ross (comedy central's roastmaster general) and talk to him about comedy. I went to a screening of his new movie, Patriot Act, which is competing in SXSW this year. The film is about his trip to Iraq with buddies Drew Carrey, Kathy Kinney, Blake Clarke, and a few other comics- on their USO tour in Baghdad, Tikrit, and a few other dangerous spots. The film was shown in a small room and there were less than 50 people there, so it was pretty intimate. Since he asked me to, I sat up front. He got up to speak before he showed the movie, and don't you know it, the 2nd thing he said was, I'd like to thank my weed dealer Ray Ray for coming out today (pointing to me). After the movie he threw in another crack at me. But the highlight of the event was when a cell phone went off, Jeffrey Ross goes, Mark Curry everyobody- and I look behind me and sure enough, Mr. Cooper himself is holding out a cellphone and trying to leave. But in true Mr. Cooper style- he says, "Hey, this is the best movie of the year! If this don't win an award then they fucked up!"
I met Mark Curry the day before, and of course I used the oppurtunity to tell him about my blog, Hanging with Mr. Co-op. He said, "oh really? send it to me.!"
Just a few feet away was Jim Bruer, so I talked to him for a little while about SNL and appearance and whatnot. Really cool meeting him. And by the way, he looked about 3/4 baked when I talked to him, which was actually over the course of the weekend.
What's really sad about NACA is that hardly anyone wanted to talk to these guys... and EVERYONE was waiting by the real world booth to talk to Danny and Melinda. Me being the TV whore that I am had to talk to them, if only for a hot second. They both commented on my bar code tattoo, saying it was "really original" and "wicked awesome" or something like that. I then ripped it off my arm. I kid. I kid. I then bragged about it on my blog.
I met Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) and told him about how in elementary school my mom got me Saved by the Bell the board game, not knowing the objective of the game, which is to win a date with zack or slater. This troubled me for years. Because I always thought Screech was the cutest. I met the Snapple lady. Hypnotist/table lifter/idiot Craig Karges came by and told her he had a new diet plan for her (she was on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club): diet snapple! Oh boy Karges! When are you gonna do the comedy circuit?
I met Chris Hardwick, who was there with his comedy duo, Hard and Phirm, which was hilarious. He was really nice, and I told him that I've been a fan since Singled Out, but I think his most important contribution to the world of television was his appearance on Boy Meets World. We all had a good laugh and then I was on my way...
To meet Dave Coulier! I only had a second with him, because he was supposed to be done for the day, but I held him hostage and told him my joke I wrote about him, which goes a little something like this: Jodie Sweetin was on Good Morning America the other day talking about her recovering meth addiction. She said Dave Coulier was at her intervention and his advice to her was to "cut it out!" (not complete without the hand gestures and obnoxious voice). He groaned and didn't punch me. I consider it a success.
The person I was most excited about meeting was Aziz Ansari, who is probably the hottest comic in NYC right now. He's blowing up as we speak. He recently killed on Premium Blend.
Oh yeah, and I met Chuck D. Yeah, mutha fuckas. We just happened to be shaking hands for a long time and my friend took a picture of it. Isn't that candid and funny!?!?
Adam Pascal (Rent, SLC Punk, School of Rock) was supposed to speak/perform but backed out at the last minute. Anthony Rapp (Rent, Road Trip) was there, however, so it was really cool running into him.
And how could I forget old pal Christian Finnegan? He performed and did really well. I met him last year at the UCB theater where he hugged the breath out of me. This year it was my turn to hug. But I rubbed up against him in a way that brought back weird memories and I guess he was a little freaked out about it.


Blogger OkraMary said...

OMG!!! Marc Curry! This was the most exciting post....really. I had some friends go to NACA last week, but they didn't tell me it was that rad. I guess you stole all the fun.

7:11 PM, February 24, 2006

Blogger ryan said...

yo for real patrick, nicely done. i went to NACA and didn't meet anyone. aziz ansari is the shit!

5:11 PM, February 26, 2006

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