Friday, March 31, 2006

Godspeed, Lisa Tucker

Sigh. Every week I complain about who gets kicked off of American Idol. Except for last week when the loser was Kevin Covais. I actually jumped up in happiness because he got kicked off, in addition to the fact that the show cut out before he sang much of his song.

But this week I wasn't going to sit back and let America choose my idol for me. Ms. Lisa Tucker had been in the bottom 3 the past few weeks and I wasn't going to let it happen again. I thought she did a great job with Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You." (Better than a certain "Suds in the Bucket" hill billy) So, for the first time, I voted for an American Idol. And after getting through a few times, the line was busy so I felt like Lisa was in good hands. I even tried voting for Katherine McPhee, at Patrick's request, even though I thought she was an obvious choice to be safe. Shows how much I know.

I watched the show taped, by the way, just so you know why I'm a day late on this news. But a day late or not, I can't believe Bucky and Ace are still on the show.

My faith in voting is completely shattered. Voted in the presidential election in 2004. Trust me, the current situation is not what I voted for. Voted for purple to be the new m&m color. Blue is okay, but purple is the color of royalty. And then I voted for Lisa Tucker. I should have known.

I hope someone gives Lisa a record contract. I think she's a good singer, yeah, but more importantly I need to regain some confidence in my decision making.

btw: Paris, stop crying every results show. you make me want to pinch your chipmunk cheeks. Hard.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dead-Eyes Pickler

Okay, I took a hiatus from contributing to the blog, but I'm back with an important issue. Everyone is so crazy about Kellie Pickler, (hello, you guys, I'm talking about American Idol) but have they not noticed her lifeless, potentially lazy/crossed eyes? They give me the creeps! She is certainly no Carrie Underwood. Mer, I'm especially interested in your opinion about this season's singers.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Links for Kinks... is back with a classic

Urolagnia: (also known as urophilia) is a paraphilia involving sexual attraction to urine.
People with urolagnia often like to urinate in public, or urinate on, or be urinated on by other people, and may drink the urine. The consumption of urine is urophagia. Some like to watch others doing these things. These activities are often described by the euphemisms "golden showers" or "watersports" (which should not be confused with water sports).
As a sexual fetish, urine may be consumed or the person may bathe oneself in it. Other variations include arousal from wetting or seeing someone else wet their pants or underclothes, or wetting the bed. For some individuals the phenomenon may include a diaper fetish and/or arousal from infantilism. Watersports may also be used in a BDSM scene as a form of humiliation, sometimes involving desperation until incontinence or infantilization, sometimes physical humiliation associated with being urinated on or pressured to consume urine.
Urolagnia is sometimes associated with, or confused with, a sexual attraction to someone experiencing the discomfort or pain of a full bladder, a sadomasochistic inclination.

FYI- Dave Navarro said on Howard Stern that he and Carmen Electra are into water sports, and not the kind with jet skis.

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