Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ICE CUBE secret show in VA Beach

Monday night at 6:38, Myspace secret shows announced their next big concert: Ice Cube performing the next night at the Jewish Mother in VA Beach. I found out about it Tuesday at 2 or so and called Katie as soon as I had all the info, then we headed over to the show at 4:30-ish (not before picking up free tickets to see the Fray in-store performance downtown today). We got there shortly after 5, got wristbands right away, which was so nice not having to wait around. Then we went off to 7-11 and took our Slurpees to the beach, where we chilled until it got closer to concert time.
At 7 or so we went back to wait in line. We were let in at 7:30, when DJ Knuckles began his set. Hardly anyone was there yet. If you can't tell by the pictures, the Jewish Mother is a tiny place- probably about 1/4 the size of the black cat, half the size of alley katz. Other than the DJ, the only entertainment was a few drunk girls who created a dancing (more like flailing arms and hips about) tornado, coming out every 5 minutes to pull unwilling girls and guys into their storm (including Katie and a few 8 year old girls).
Before Ice Cube came on, I tried to get an appropriate chant started, so I said "ARE WE THERE YET? ARE WE THERE YET?" But that didn't catch on. Then I tried, "BARBERSHOP 2! BARBERSHOP 2!" and also "ANACONDA! ANACONDA!" and none of these caught on. By 9 o'clock, it was time for Ice to take the stage. Katie and I were in the front row and were about a foot away from him at any given time, hence the reason most of these pictures look extremely close. He performed a lot of old songs (Fuck da police, We be clubbin!), as well as several off his new album, which hits stores 6.6.6.
He was extremely high energy the whole time, which was awesome, and the crowd, which was about 275 white people, 25 black people played off of that. At one point, the other guy on stage led us in a "Fuck you Ice Cube" chant, complete with middle fingers, which was kind of wierd because I was actually right in his face saying fuck you to him. Only at a concert could I get away with this. Anyway, he played for nearly an hour and 15 minutes and didn't stop once. He really kept it moving the whole time. Afterwards they passed out free posters and CD samplers. Awesome show overall. Be sure to add Myspace Secret Shows to your friends list so you don't miss out on the next big event.

Oh yeah, and did I mention, IT WAS FREE!!!!!!!!!


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